Looking at Grades from Home - STIHomePortal

There will be 2 steps to accessing student information by parents:

1.  To access information for student, go to:


username:  parent

password:  STIhome

2.  This will take you to the InformationNow home page to login:

Username and password will be the printed information from the school.  the password will be temporary for the 1st login.  Parens will need to change to a permanent password upon logging in the 1st time.

There will be a second log in screen.  On this screen, you will log in with your child's log in information.  This information is sent home at the beginning of the school year.

If you need help logging in or need a new password, please contact Mrs. Rutherford at 256-905-2519 or tlrutherford@lawrenceal.org.